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Water | Part 1
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Water Part 1 | Tino Djumini


Is a documentary in the form of a visual poem that centers around various Indonesian communities whose daily life have been affected by climate change and the extreme conditions of living in a overpopulated city like Jakarta. Water in all its presence becomes both a blessing and curse for many who experience the annual floodings and dry seasons. And along with a growing population and rising of the sea levels, the idea of an ending civilization grows within the Muslim, Buddha, Hindu, and Christian communities that share the same vision. "Not if but when will the flood strike Jakarta".

"I rarely use dialogues in my own video to emphasize the impact of "motion pictures". After all images conceive meaning that leaves space for imagination other than words can express. Indonesian daily life, the relation between people and their environment have my interest. In my videos there is room for interpretation, a natural flow of how things occur that can be found in poems, and music. That's why I refer to these short movies as video poetry".

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It's human perception or interpretation of something we call reality that has created the world we live in today. A painting, photograph, film fragment, or videoclip are just a few of the many languages to understand the nature of that same reality...
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    Water part 1

    Director Tino Djumini
  • DSLR Canon, Full Frame
  • Colour Video
  • Size: HD Width 16:9
  • Video Poetry
  • Duration 3:47 min
  • No dialogue
  • Bank Central Asia (BCA)
  • Account: 0671767607
  • On behalf of Tino Sutrisno
  • Reference: Arts/Donate
  • Swift Code: CENAIDJA
  • Jalan Gurame 3L, No82
  • RT 01/ RW 001, Bambu Apus
  • Pamulang-TANGSEL, 15415
  • West Java, Indonesia

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